We design digital products.

design thinking is not the latest trend or a sign you hang on your door. It’s a way of life at guiceworks.



less is more.

Perfect is the enemy of good. It’s not about spending countless hours pushing pixels to create the perfect design — it’s about distilling your idea down to the core features that create immediate value for your users. Then measure, learn, iterate, and design from there.



Tools, not process.

At Guiceworks, we believe in working smarter, not harder. Our methodology facilitates collaboration and informed decision making. We don't preach partnership, we practice it. When you succeed, we succeed.



DESIGN. THinking.

Our success can be attributed to years of combined experience. We work closely with engineers, adopt a true product mindset, and cultivate design-first thinking. The strong relationships we've built with our clients propelled us as a company. Together, we’ve set new standards for innovative and transparent solutions.


Geoffrey thomas

President and founder of Guiceworks with over 25 years of experience in Graphic Design, Brand Design and Product Design.


Bryan Cavanagh

Product Design Lead with over 10 years of big brand experience working on products for Audi, The North Face, Oakley and more.


Kelsey fagan

Product Design Lead with 10 years of experience designing products both client side and agency side.